10 Top Tips On Marketing Your Ethical Credentials

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Telling your story and talking about what makes you unique can often be hard, particularly when it comes to the environment, sustainability or all things green.

It can feel unfamiliar. There’s a fear that customers just aren’t interested, or you’ll put them off. Or you simply don’t know how to communicate messages in a positive and engaging way.

However, the point is if you don’t let the world know what great things you’re doing, you’re hiding what makes you special. They won’t know why you’re better, or give them that additional reason to choose you.

To help you get talking here are 10 tips on communicating and marketing your ethical messages to get customers engaged, rather than snoozing!

1. Who is your target market?

First of all, understand your target market and what are they looking for.

Are they greenies who are into the green stuff? Are they into looking cool and making smarter lifestyle choices? Are they into the great outdoors or fine food? What makes them tick?

Know this and you will know what matters to them.

2. Tailor your message

Once you know who your market is, you can share messages that will help them choose you.

Talk to them in a way that will appeal to them and is of interest. You might be saving tonnes of energy through the solar on your roof, but your customers don’t need to directly know this if they’ve come for the organic food.

So pick and choose what you talk about and where, make it easy and not overwhelming for customers to choose you.

3. Be passionate and tell your story

People love stories and they sell!

Preaching how wonderfully green you are is not going to sell what you do. But showing your passion for what you do, communicating the benefits of your experience or product, why its better, and telling the story behind it will.

People want to be able to connect with you and what you do. They want to know your story. To feel warm inside, special, inspired. To believe that they are truly making a positive difference.

4. Sustainability equals quality not compromise

Show customers that sustainability and being green offers quality not compromise!

Tell them why what you do is going to give them a better experience. Why they will love it. Show people how this experience will make them feel good and not be a compromise!

Talk about your actions in a positive way, and don’t apologise.

5. Be honest & transparent

Making false claims or greenwashing will not do you any favours.

Deliver what it says on the can! Dressing your story up because you think it sounds better will not do you any favours if the reality is quite different. Be honest about what you do offer and also what you don’t.

Explain you’re plans for the future, be real, be relevant and be honest.

6. Use your website

Talk about what you do, why hide it….!?

This isn’t about all or nothing, it’s about sharing and talking about the great things you are doing. Blog about what’s happening and changing, and be topical.

Use photos to communicate your message. Integrate ethical messages throughout your website, ensure they are consistent and not just perceived as an add on.

7. Use social media

Social media offers a really powerful medium to reach existing and potential new customers, build a loyal following and remind past customers of how wonderful you are.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or another, use mediums where your customers are and that work for you.

Talk about how your projects are developing. How the coral they planted has grown, and the new ethical swimwear line you’re introducing that they might be interested in. Provide easy ways for customers to get talking and spreading the word.

8. Aim high

Winning awards or getting eco certification can add credibility to your story and what you do.

Only enter awards or apply for certifications that are directly relevant to your business, you have more chance of success, and less wasted time. Feature any wins on your website and use them as part of your pr.

9. Get testimonials

Your customers are your biggest advocates and sales team, so use them to promote your brand.

Ask them to post comments on TripAdvisor, or other relevant forums. Feature quotes on your website and feature them through other marketing channels.

10. Make it FUN!

Show customers how they can have fun….!

Being sustainable, green responsible, eco does not mean being miserable or compromise. Show customers it’s about having fun, oh and by the way you are also having a positive impact on the people and places around us.

And Finally…

We hope that’s left you inspired to start talking.

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck and looking for more inspiration, take a look at our Green Marketing Review – a DIY review and action plan for your business that will take you less time to complete than a trip to the gym!

Until the next time, Sam

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