5 Tips For A Healthier Christmas For You, Your Business & The Environment

Christmas 2013
With Christmas well on it’s way in a follow up to my post last year sharing 5 Tips For A Green Office Christmas, here are 5 Tips For A Healthier Christmas For You, Your Business & The Environment…

Food & Drink

Biodynamic Wine

What’s Christmas without a glass of wine or two!? Why not save your head by choosing biodynamic or organic, for sure it will hurt less in the morning.

Buy locally sourced food, homemade made cakes and puddings, stock up on vegetables, remember delicious and healthy can co-exist.

Don’t throw left over food away. Keep it to be reused the next day, share it with others, or even give it to the dog!


Recycle Wrapping Paper

Recycle any wrapping paper, or keep it and use it next year. You can also put this and other waste items like corks in your kids play box for picture making!

If you, like me always get that unwanted talcum powder from great auntie betty don’t throw it away, give it to a charity shop or someone who will appreciate it.


Often we receive gifts that need batteries. Get yourself a bunch of rechargeable ones or try these USB rechargeable batteries . While not the cheapest option at 18US$ for two, they are mercury free and rechargeable, a big plus for the environment and in the long term your pocket.

Get Active

Get Active

Why not make the most of some time off and go for a walk, get on your bike, get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature. Not only will this help you avoid that post Christmas ‘diet frenzy’, you will for sure feel better in the New Year.

Take Time & Make Positive Plans

New Year Planning

Take time to reflect on the highs of the past year and the positive plans you can make for the coming year. This isn’t about being monumental in your plans, just identifying small steps in different areas of your life that can make a positive difference and provide a happier lifestyle.

Think about what you want your business to look like next year? How can you get a balance between work, family and fun that makes sense to you? What help or resources from others would help you achieve this?

I’ll be sharing my recommended Top 5 Resources for 2014 in my next post.

In the meantime here’s a taster from Lea Woodward with her very smart one page business planning tool.

And Finally…

I wish you all a very delightful festive holidays and look forward to sharing more inspiration together in 2014.


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  1. Back at you Sam. This is lovely uplifting post xx

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