5 Tips For Green Building & Renovating

  Green Building
Recently I’ve started making plans for the building of a resort and our own home here in Bali. It’s a few years off, but it’s exciting to be considering different choices and solutions for a sustainable and eco build.

So as the theme for November I thought I’d share some of the questions and potential solutions you can consider when either planning a new build or renovating/retrofitting an existing building, all of which can save you money in the long run as well as be better for your health.

Building Materials

Combining rammed earth and bamboo

Where do you live? What’s the climate? What building materials are most suited to the environment you live in?

When choosing building materials consider what is locally available, what has been traditionally used, and what will perform best in the climate and environment you are in. Doing this can not only offer you a style and design that fits in empathetically with the local area, it can also mean the house ‘performs’ better and can save you money particularly on energy.

Bamboo, earth, sustainably grown wood and straw bales are all more sustainable and ecologically sound choices you can consider which can also offer style, quality and if you desire contemporary forms.


Properly insulated buildings can significantly reduce your costs and reliance on heating and cooling systems. Using them can also create a much healthier level of comfort to live or work in.

Paper, sheep’s wool, cotton and polystyrene (although plastic based it can be recycled) solutions are all greener options available on the market today.


Integrating water saving measures is something you can do on a larger scale with a new build, but can also be applied to existing builds.

Consider how water can be reused through grey water recycling systems. Install proper drainage to capture and reuse rainwater for gardens, car cleaning, or toilet systems. Choose low flow water devices to fit to showers, taps and in toilets.

Interior Decoration

All From Boats, Bali, Indonesia
From paint to interior decorations, the products you choose affect your everyday comfort and health, as well as the environment.

Think VOC free natural paint, low energy lighting, furniture that’s recycled or reused, flooring and doors from eco materials. How can you decorate with recycled materials to make your build feel unique?

Our furniture is made from reclaimed recycled wood from boats. Here are some other ideas too.

Sustainable Architecture & Design

Where is your property located? What’s the climate? What’s the orientation of the sun? How are you going to ventilate your building?

One of the easiest ways to save money in the long term and ensure maximum comfort and cost savings in your build is to pay a little more to have an expert in sustainability and eco building to design your build. They can ensure that your build works in harmony with nature and you.

In the long run this can be one of the best investments you can make.

And Finally…

If you want to know more about solutions you can consider take a look at our Reallysavvy Sustainable Business Review. This highlights some of the key sustainability topics that are relevant to new builds or renovations as well as topics that are broadly relevant to leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

We’ll be sharing more inspiration on Green Building and Interiors this month at Reallysavvy Pinterest, join us here.


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