Creative Ways To Communicate Sustainability Through Art

Fish from plastic bottles - Brazil

Fish from plastic bottles, Brazil

Communicating sustainability and encouraging people to engage with topics can be a challenge, especially as messages often project doom and gloom, or a need to compromise.

The encouraging news is increasingly we’re seeing more positive, creative and engaging ways to communicate sustainability, both in the written word and through art. Here’s a few ideas on how combining art with messages can make a positive difference to your efforts.

Why Art?

It’s not surprising that more and more people are turning to art to communicate sustainability as art can evoke an emotional impact through visual images which is often much stronger and more evocative than words.

By integrating art into sustainability messages you can provide a balance for the consumer between celebrating the beauty of nature and the planet in a positive way, and being informative about some of the challenges faced.

What Can You Do?

So, how can you use art to communicate your sustainability and ethical principles in a way that’s beautiful, fun and gets customers talking? Here’s a few inspiring examples…..

Recycle Waste

While beach cleans ups are not going to solve the problem of ocean waste, through art they can provide a fun and innovative way to get people involved and highlight the problems of ocean waste to otherwise uninformed visitors.

Flip Flop Fish at Madrid Dive Convention

Flip-flop fish, Madrid Dive Convention, Spain

This unique fish was made by Luis de Dois from 250 flip flops collected on the coastline of Fuerteventura. It’s quirky, fun and leaves you wanting to investigate further, plus it communicates the broader message of the Dive Show, which was ‘Keep The Oceans Clean.’
Surfboards from plastic bottles - Recycled Art Foundation

Plastic bottle surfboards from ocean waste

Unfortunately we were unable to find out where this project was, but it’s a great way to clean up the beaches, have a bit of fun, and make a statement to a broader audience about the plague of plastic in the oceans.

Make A Feature Of Your Underwater World

Many resorts, dive centers, hotels and spas are blessed with beautiful locations and reefs on their doorstep. Yet changes in climate and destructive fishing practices mean many reefs are being destroyed and damaged.

Developing artificial reefs is a great way to nurture healthy reefs and marine life, provide guests with unique underwater experiences and show them that art is not exclusive to the above water world.
Underwater Sculptures Celia Gregory

The Marine Foundation

Artist and Sculpture Celia Gregory has been integrating marine conservation and underwater sculptures in Indonesia for over 5 years. In partnership with local communities and business she creates artificial reefs that integrate beautiful sculptures with structures to support the restoration of coral reefs and growth of marine life.

Artificial reef structures like these can provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the beauty of the underwater world and plant their own coral, a way for people to learn about how to help protect coral reefs, and also provide local people with employment managing the projects.

Display Meaningful Art in Your Business

Any business anywhere in the world has the opportunity to reflect their passion and mission in the art they display, as well as create an intriguing and engaging environment for their customers.

Choose an artist that reflects your story, support a conservation project by giving a percentage to the cause, or support local communities by displaying and selling their work. Here’s two example of the types of work you might like to display….
ABOVE AND BELOW Jonathan Woodward

Jonathan Woodward

Jonathan Woodward is a Wildlife Illustrator specialising in cut paper collage style designs from recycled magazines. These type of collages offer impact and colour to any wall, and would be suited to businesses with a true love of nature and wildlife conservation.
Blue Ring Octopus Raja Ampat Lia Barrett

Lia Barratt

Lia specialises in underwater photography and revealing her love of the beauty and uniqueness of the underwater world. Offering detail and a unique perspective, photo’s like these would make a stylish feature in any dive centre or resort.

And Finally…

So whether it’s above or below water, in photos, illustrations or sculptures, with waste bottles or recycled paper, we encourage you to get creative and communicate your sustainability story through art and in a way that’s important to you.

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