Get Savvy 2013

Smart Choices | Small Changes | Big Difference

Get Savvy 2013 is an initiative to inspire & empower you to make more savvy choices in Business & Life. To make a positive difference in 2013.

We invite you to join us and make one change, take one positive action each month to be greener, more ethical, responsible. To move on from ‘business as usual’, and make positive steps to do things differently.

To make 12 choices that are smarter for your business, or make you feel fantastic in life, AND also take care of people, places and the planet. 12 small actions that over one year will add up to a much bigger difference!!

Don’t worry if you haven’t joined us yet, you can join at any point during the year, all you need is a desire to make more savvy choices and feel good knowing that in 2013 you’ve made a positive difference!

Who This Is For

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who want to create a smarter business or lifestyle in 2013. Who want to make greener, ethical, more responsible choices, take practical action and make realistic changes.

Family & Friends who don’t have a business but would also like to make more savvy choices in life. Just pass this link on, the more the merrier!! All that’s needed is a desire to make a positive difference.

How It Works

Well, it’s pretty simple really. All you have to do is make one change or action each month that follows the theme of creating a more savvy lifestyle or business.

“The choices you make are up to you. They don’t have to be mind blowing, just one action or change, big or small, which will have a positive impact on you, your lifestyle, or your business.”

You could have a clear out and give unwanted items to new homes or charities; change your cleaning products to ones with natural ingredients; switch to a green energy supplier; use an ethical supplier for office supplies and marketing materials; or even reuse your old wellington boots as flower pots!
What if I’m stuck for ideas….?

Don’t worry, each month we will:

  • Drop you a Get Savvy 2013 Email which includes ideas on actions you can take
  • Provide you with hints, tips, and inspiration throughout the month on our Reallysavvy Facebook Page
  • Offer inspiration in photos at Pinterest from fellow Get Savvy participants

Once you’ve made a change all you need to do is take a photo of each action and post it on Pinterest, think of it as an album of your actions. Or if you’d prefer you can post in words on the Reallysavvy Facebook Page, it’s up to you!

Each month we’ll also be posting our favourite Savvy Action on our Pinterest Feature Board so you can get ideas & inspiration from other members.

What You Get

To be part of a Collective of Business Owners and likeminded people who all want to Get Savvy, it’s a great opportunity to share, learn, and be inspired.

An opportunity to introduce cost savings to your business and build a reputation with customers as a more ethical brand.

A healthier home and life environment, plus the all important happiness factor!

To feel great knowing that in 2013 you’ve made a positive difference.

Business Owners will also get a bonus prize at the end of 2013! We’ll provide you with a FREE one page review of all your actions which you can either post on your website, or use for Marketing & PR.

What Now

It’s FREE to join, so all you need to do is click on the Join Now button below.

We’ll then send you an email with details of ‘What Next’, which includes information about how to create a Pinterest Board, how to post and what hashtags to use, and posting on our Reallysavvy Facebook Page.

Plus, the good news is you’ve already got your first action for FREE – that’s joining Get Savvy 2013 – so now you’re ready to go!
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