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Introducing The Reallysavvy Plastic Initiative

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

  There’s no getting away from it, Plastic Waste is not fantastic. It plagues the oceans and environment, it’s everywhere! But what can you do as a business owner to reduce your plastic footprint and make a positive difference? What if we said we can help you make a choice that’s Better for Business, Offers Customers a Healthy & Quality Experience, and has a Positive Impact on the Oceans & Environment? Oh yes, and it’s a great marketing opportunity for you too. Interested? Well, that’s what the new Reallysavvy Plastic Initiative is all about....

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Waste – 10 Easy Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

    So it seems July 2013 is a month dedicated to reducing plastic waste with a number of Initiatives going on around the world. 3 July was plastic bag free day, part of a Global Initiative aimed at eliminating or radically reducing single use plastic bags; The Two Hands Project are challenging people to have a Plastic Free July with cool video to inspire plastic free choices; and a 16 year old girl has incredibly made a ‘bio plastic’ out of banana peel…! Whatever next…..? All this plus the launch of our new Reallysavvy Plastic Initiative (brand name...

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6 Travel Experiences You Can Offer That Help Protect The Oceans

Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Komodo National Park Saturday was World Oceans Day (8 June). A day when people around the world unite to celebrate the beauty of the oceans, share ideas and take action to help protect them. So, in the spirit of celebrating the beauty and diversity of the Oceans, here are 6 ways you can offer customers unique ocean experiences that make a positive difference…   6 Ways You Can Offer Ethical Ocean Experiences   Whether you’re a resort with the ocean on your doorstep, a dive center with the ocean as your playground, a tourism business that includes ocean...

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10 Actions You Can Take To Care For The Oceans

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

  Wow, so it’s all happening in June – it’s World Environment Day (5), World Oceans Day (8), and Coral Triangle Day (9) – all days that are about caring for the Oceans. So rather than focus on one topic of sustainability this month, in the spirit of celebrating and caring for the oceans here are 10 actions you can take within your business to make a positive difference and protect the OCEANS…   10 Actions You Can Take   Whatever your business, wherever you are, everyone can make small changes to make a much bigger difference. Here are a few...

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