Talking, female entrepreneurs secret weapon!

Women love to talk. Well yes, of course I hear you say, that’s stating the obvious. However, the not so obvious is that this insatiable ability women have to talk, if properly channelled can in fact be our secret weapon to achieve our dreams and aspirations, and be true pioneers of our future.

What’s The Story

This might all be sounding a bit blue sky, but go with me.

You see I’m not just talking about talking for talking’s sake. Yes we love to talk about our new shoes, what we ate last night, discuss the ins and outs of our friend’s relationship with a guy we just don’t think is right.

But we also love to talk about much more serious issues, debate and channel that energy into juicy, mind blowing, brainstorming topics!

You see, it’s this ability to channel our talkative energy towards making decisions that is in fact our secret weapon, and one that I’ve been experiencing more and more recently in both online and offline communities I’m part of.

Secret Weapon

What both these communities have in common is they attract women that ‘do’. Women that balance kids, family, a life outside work with running a business,. They have passion, drive, aspirations. They want to get things done and make a difference.

Which is exactly where this insatiable need to discuss and talk helps. It gives us the chance to get creative, be super productive and constructive. It helps us to really get down to the nitty gritty of what we want to achieve and where we want to go. It enables us to overcome hurdles and make decisions.

It gives us the chance to share, learn, be inspired. To be supported by fellow women and feel empowered to take action and take it with confidence.

Get Talking

The whole point is, that loving to talk is good, so don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

It can be our secret weapon to being creative and getting things done and achieving our entrepreneurial dreams.

So get out there and get talking! You’ll be surprised what comes back to you.

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