Paul at Wicked Diving, Thailand & Indonesia

Paul at Wicked Diving, Thailand & Indonesia

“With deep appreciation and gratitude, we can’t recommend Sam Tyers enough for consulting and guidance in moving your organization towards more ethical and responsible travel practices.
Sam helped us understand what responsible tourism means in tangible, on-the-job terms; how far along we have progressed toward responsible tourism relative to other organizations; and what we should work on next. She did this in several different ways that are both simple and scalable.

As part of our assessment – Sam forced us to think about how responsible tourism relates to the work we do everyday. Even though we have strived for this goal over the past years, Sam helped uncover blind spots in our program. With her feedback and guidance we were able to understand exactly what we needed to do to move further forward with our policies and actions. Should you wish to contact us directly drop me a line at ”

Paul Landgraver, Wicked Diving, Owner

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