Jim at Eco Divers, Indonesia

Jim at Eco Divers, Sulawesi, Indonesia

“It’s extremely rare that we’d consider taking on a consultant in any area, as we’d wonder how much value they could add. There was something that felt different about Sam Tyers, so we decided to give her a shot at consulting for us.

She turned out to be an absolute delight to work with. She listened very well when we explained our company’s current situation and future ambitions, then came back with clear advice and targets, laid out in achievable “bite size” pieces. She understood that this was something new for us and was very patient, holding our hand as we took our first tentative steps towards higher levels of responsible tourism. I’d say that her balance between being supportive of us and not just agreeing with whatever we said was about perfect. I’d say that her biggest strength when it comes to consulting for eco tourism businesses is that she understands that it is a commercial enterprise that still needs to be financially viable. In other words, she’s not some judgemental anti-business Eco-Warrior, but supports businesses which are trying to improve as they set out on their journey.

As a result of her efforts, we’ve grown in confidence about what we’re doing and have been able to tangibly move our company forward. Sam showed us that being green and being attractive to our customers definitely don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We give Sam Tyers our full endorsement. Don’t worry if this is all new to you – it was absolutely new to us too and we’re completely satisfied with our decision to work with her – so let her assist you, you won’t regret it.”

Jim Yanny, Eco Divers, MD

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