What 3 Actions Can Help You Build A More Sustainable Business in 2014?

So we made it, 2014 is firmly here and I’m really excited! I’m going to be launching two new initiatives this year both of which combine a love of the ocean with smarter business choices.This, plus starting to deliver more workshops leaves me feeling like my business is following a much smarter path for the year in terms of business opportunity, delivery for customers and the most effective use of my time.

What about you? What plans do you have? How can making more ethical choices benefit your business this year? How about keeping it simple and realistic by choosing just 3 Practical Actions you can take in 2014.

One that benefits your business, one that’s better for your customers and one that’s healthier for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Your Business

Go paper free – the rainforest and wildlife that depend on it are disappearing at a rate of knots. So why not go paper free, or at least switch to either fsc or recycled materials. Doing this will save you money and help preserve the beauty of nature.

Review your waste – take a look at what waste you are producing. How can you remove it, reduce, it, recycle it? Can you cut packaging, compost food waste, share unwanted furniture with others? Doing this can save you money for removal, provide others with new supplies, as well as help you feel less cluttered!

Turn it off – an easy way to save money in your business as well as lower your impact on the environment is to turn it off. So computers, lights, heating, air con. Anything that uses electricity turn it off when you’re not using it and at night.

Your Customers

Ditch plastic water bottles – offer customers a better experience with stylish glasses, water from glass bottles, refillable bottles. Choose reusable branded quality and style over generic, cheap and disposable. Nicer for your customers and a marketing/pr opportunity for your business.

Ban plastic bags – encourage customer to bring their own reusable bag. Or get your own bags made from a more environmentally friendly material. Doing this demonstrates your ethical efforts to customers, potentially creates a new revenue stream and cuts your contribution to waterway waste.

Go local – how can you support local business? What products or services can you source locally? Food and drink is an easy way to do this by offering your customers fresh, local food, sharing your producers story and making the whole experience more personal and interesting.


Walk more – walking just an extra 10 minutes a day adds up over a week and can make a real difference to your health and fitness. Maybe get off the bus one stop early, go for a walk at lunchtime, walk rather than take the car.

Cut the chemicals – take a look in your home and you’ll see chemicals are everywhere. Switch to buying bpa free plastic, or choose glass instead. What’s in your body products? What natural alternatives can you buy? What air freshner do you use? Why not open the window, use an oil burner or incense instead.

Take time – allocate an extra 2 hours a week to you. This might seem a challenge but I promise you it’s completely achievable. Spend the time having a massage, having a coffee and reading the paper, or just watch the world go by. Just make sure it’s time that’s for you, your body and your mind.

And finally…

If none of the above are relevant to your business what is?

You can discover more by creating your very own review and action plan by completing our Reallysavvy Sustainability Review.

We’re going to be posting our 3 Actions on our Facebook Page in the next week, why not join us and declare your actions for 2014. This way we’re sure they are more likely to happen 😉

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