Why Being Ethical Is Simply Better For Customers

Much Better Tourism

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If making greener, sustainable, more ethical choices meant you could offer customers a better experience and get more business because of it you would want to know more, right?

Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be sharing a series of blog posts providing ideas & inspiration on how you can adapt or develop your business to do just this – to offer quality and much better experiences for customers, and to get more business for you…

Why Ethical Is Better For Customers

Integrating ethical practices, taking green or sustainable actions is an opportunity for you to:

Provide customers with more memorable & unique experiences

Offer them quality, not compromise

Show them you care and make them feel good

So why is this better…?

Well, apart from this clearly being an opportunity for you to delight & inspire customers, it can also help you grow a tribe of people who are advocates for your business.

People who want to tell their friends what a wonderful experience they had with you, who want to come back. People who spread your message through word of mouth and create a positive image in the marketplace, one that people want to be part of.

Offering A Better Experience

The first blog in this series is how ethical choices can Offer Better Experiences, more unique and memorable experiences, ones that provide stories that are worth spreading.

In this first post many of these ideas are taken from tourism, however it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the same concepts apply whatever your business.

Activities Where Customers Participate

Activities Where Customers Participate (1024x328)
Offer experiences and activities where customers can interact with your business, local people and places – plant a coral, cooking classes local style, or get on your bike – it’s always more fun to participate than watch.

Interactive experiences provide the type of stories customers share with friends and in turn help you spread the word about how wonderful your business is!

Discover Local Culture

Discover Local Culture
Offer experiences where customers can discover local customs, take part in art & craft demonstrations, visit cultural shows or local markets. This way they can experience local culture, learn rather than just watch, and have a much more authentic experience and story to tell.

This is also an opportunity for customers to buy ethical and unique gifts for people back home, and gives them the feel good factor knowing the money they spent will directly benefit the local economy and people.

Get In Touch With Nature & Wildlife

Experience Nature & Wildlife
Increasingly people are becoming more and more detached from the natural world, so it’s no surprise demand is growing for non urban experiences, ones where people can get back in touch with the nature and wildlife.

Offer experiences to travel slow, encounter wildlife in wild and natural habitats, go walking to unique places off the beaten track. Allow customers to connect with peace, quiet and nature and really appreciate it’s beauty.

For sure they will thank you for it and go home inspired by their experience.

Get Personal With Small Groups & Local Guides

Small Groups & Local Guides
Go small and personal, who wants to share what is supposed to be a very special experience with thousands of others! Use local guides for any tours, they have invaluable insider knowledge and know unique locations away from the madding crowds to share with customers.

Being local and personal will make customers feel special, give them a true connection to people and place, and some very special stories to share.

In Short…

So when you’re thinking Offering Better Experiences think participation, interaction, and learning . Get in touch local people, places and the natural world.

Think personal & authentic. Think fun!

Leave customers with memories and stories to share with family, friends and potential customers,. Leave them itching to spread the word about what a great experience they had with you!

What Next…

Look out next week for our second post in this series, how Ethical Offers Quality For Customers, and third post the week after on how to Show Customers You Care.

See you then


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