A Bit More About You….

The people that join me at Reallysavvy are typically entrepreneurial people and business owners who all share the desire to build a business based on smarter, more ethical choices.

Commonly they have:


Type Of Businesses I Work With

I specialise in working with Business Owners in the tourism & diving industry, but have also spent many years working across other industries including clothing, education, lifestyle & construction.

The Type of Support I Offer

I am all about helping you make positive and smarter choices in any aspect of your business. This can be in your business operations, customer experience, the products you offer, or your sales and marketing. The whole idea is to help you identify ways to integrate ethical practices that benefit your business and customers, and connect you to market opportunities.
Want to know more??

Take a look a our Work Together page where you can find more information about how we can help. Or if you simply cant wait, just drop Sam a line at